Emerging Technologies

System Platform OMI

MR Systems and Gwinnett County have teamed up to implement the flagship product by System Platform, OMI. This lightweight yet powerful HMI solution is one of the most advanced implementations seen in the industry, earning the “Best Implementation Award – 2019” by Aveva. OMI provides content quickly and uses modern graphical interface techniques.
Using modern data practices we evaluate nearly 60 different parameters for each analog point. With advances in data science and machine learning, analyzing data is more important now than ever in the history of process controls. With the 60-parameter analog point, normal ranges are calculated against one of the most powerful historians in the world. Normal ranges provide operations where values typically are for time of day, different modes of operation, and even based on seasons. 
In addition to advanced analytics, Out-of-Service and signal override modes help manage process anomalies due to service or defective equipment. Maintenance information needed to perform work orders is built into SCADA. Operations can quickly reference the information needed to maintain and repair analog instruments to keep their process online.

Machine Learning

MR Systems has partnered with Sorba to continue their advancements in machine learning for the water industry. This platform allows water municipalities to analyze offline data or online data in real-time. Using numerous mathematical models, MR Systems can evaluate your process to find correlations, patterns, and diagnostics not easily seen by the human eye. Models can be created to evaluate virtually any conceivable problem faced in the water industry including efficiency and planning. Reach out to MR Systems to see how machine learning can improve your water operations today.

The image to the right shows how each tag within a small duplex pump station correlates to another tag. In other words, how much does one part of my process impact the other? Dark blue is no correlation. Dark red is high correlation.