Service And Maintenance Agreements

No matter what your service needs are, we have a package that will work for you. From our Data Doctor services to a Custom plan that is tailored to you, we’ll keep your operation running smoothly, 24/7.


We know that downtime is a costly enemy, so we respond to your needs fast! Your service agreement level determines our guaranteed maximum response time. Our customers can select the response time that meets their service needs.


Our service technicians and engineers are the best and you can rely on their competence and experience to solve your service problems. From troubleshooting and diagnosis to performing routine maintenance, our technicians and engineers get the job done correctly and efficiently. Our mission is to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible.

Applications Engineer

software engineer

MR Systems’ engineers are responsible for the complete life cycle of our systems. Their technical skills create solutions and solve problems for our customers every day.

Remote Support and Diagnostics

icon-phone-supportSometimes a phone call and/or a remote login to your system is all it takes to answer your question, resolve a problem, or get your system up and running. Phone support allows us to respond to and resolve many questions or service needs quickly. By logging in to your system remotely, we can often perform corrections or repairs without having to make an on-site service call. This saves both time and money. Customers with Bronze, Silver, or Gold Service Levels receive two hours of remote support and diagnostics per month at no cost.

Data Doctor Services


Our Data Doctor Service provides annual maintenance and backups for your SCADA system computer hardware, SCADA applications software, and PLC code. For additional security, MR Systems maintains off-site backups of your code in addition to two copies of code that we leave with you.



We offer classes that provide hands-on training in the areas of: HMI Programming, PLC Programming, Instrument Calibration and Maintenance, Fiber Optics Terminations and Troubleshooting, and Radio Telemetry System Maintenance. Our training classes are specific to the water and wastewater industry.


mr-automationLooking for something that fits your unique needs? Our Custom service agreement can be tailor made for you. Choose from any of our service offerings including maintenance, support, diagnostics and training, and we will create a plan that fits your specific needs.


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