Employee Spotlight: Todd Varano

Todd Varano has worked with MR remotely in the PLC department for about three years. In his spotlight video we were able to go to his home in the beautiful city of Charleston. We had such a blast while filming him, he believes this video is his ticket into acting. Click here to learn more about Todd!

Employee Spotlight: David Foster

David Foster’s contributions to our company are truly invaluable. In his 23 years he has held numerous roles to which he believes have all contributed to his success. In his spotlight video he discusses his job, home life, and some of his favorite past times. Make sure to check it out!

Fluent HMI

Fluent HMI is highly adaptive and instantly intuitive we believe it was possible to visual identify issues and solve problems before they occurred. Check out this video to see the advancements we are making Beyond High Performance HMI.

Differential Pressure Transmitter Maintenance

MR Systems Applications Engineer Joel Irvine demonstrates steps for maintaining a differential pressure transmitter.

Employee Spotlight: Danielle Emmett

As MR Systems grew we realized that we needed someone that could fill the dual role of Financial Controller and Human Resources Manager- we found that person in Danielle. Her husband is a firefighter and former professional hockey player, and together they have two sons and two rescue dogs- who sometimes frequent the office! Danielle focuses on everything from company culture and finances to keeping the employees happy and engaged.

Earth Ground Tester

Chandler Reed with MR Systems Inc., explains the proper methods to use the Fluke Earth Ground Tester.

UPS Fail Relay

Wade Cannon with MR Systems discusses the proper implementation for a UPS Fail Relay.

Self Signed Certificates OI Gateway OPC UA

Demonstrating the Wonderware OI Gateway OPC UA driver communicating using a self-signed certificate.

Wine to Water Interview

The Dominican Republic is home to the Wine to Water ceramic water filter factory.

Enable VNC on a Panelview for remote viewing

Enable VNC on a Panelview for remote viewing with Kurt Otto.

Fluent HMI

Fluent HMI began as a completely new design approach to engineering a controls interface that is highly adaptive and instantly intuitive.

Creating SCADA Graphics Utilizing Drone Technology

MR Systems is utilizing drone footage to create 3D renderings of water and wastewater plants. This allows MR to survey an entire plant efficiently and provide unique perspectives. By providing the customer an improved vision of their entire plant, MR is able to compare sizes of buildings to other buildings, roads, and generators in a better way than a simple 2D approach.

Benefits of Enhanced Reality and 3D Process SCADA Screens

Erik Doepke explains the use of employing both the Enhanced Reality screens. These views depict a pictorial view of the plant. The 3D Process views use more symbols and higher contrast to represent the treatment process.

Restoring ControlLogix

Chris Bush discusses restoring a PLC Program using the SD card for a ControlLogix Processor.