Wonderware InTouch Basic


Students are introduced to Wonderware’s HMI products and are taught how to define communications, retrieve data, create schedules, add field devices, and manage security. Students will perform a number of labs using water and wastewater applications to reinforce the experiential learning process.


Water and Wastewater SCADA System Operators, IT Administrators, Plant Managers

Duration: 3 Days; Lunch is provided.


Attendees should have a working knowledge of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems and general knowledge of municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities and processes.

2020 Dates: October 5, 6, & 7

2021 Dates:  January 4, 5, & 6; April 5, 6, & 7


Training Plan

Day 1

• Defining the Client/Server Relationship
• Authorizing Runtime and Development Using
the License Utility

• Configuring I/O Servers for Data Interaction
• Troubleshooting Data Connections Using the
Management Consol

Data Types
• Explanation of the Basic Data Types
and Functions
• Utilizing the Tagname Dictionary to Create
and Modify Tags

Window Elements
• Breaking Down the Graphic Component
within WindowMaker
• Using Toolbars for Manipulating Object
Appearances, Orientation, and Grouping

Day 2

Design Interface
• Using Internal and External Data Types
to Animate Objects
• Structuring Navigation and Windows Layouts

• Explanation of Format and Internal Functions
for Creating Scripts
• Applying Data Change and Conditional
Scripts to Accomplish Objectives

• Applying Alarm Functionality Using Built-In
and Custom Objects
• Administering Alarm Groups and Explanation
of Additional Dot Fields


Day 3

• Implementation of System Security by Adding
and Managing Access Levels
• Creation of User and Access Level-Based

• Configuration and Development of
Historical Trend Objects
• Effectively Capturing and Displaying
Necessary Data
• Evaluating Logging Intervals and Relation
to Value Deadbands

Standard Comparisons
• Correlation of Graphic Development
Pertaining to the Customer’s System
• Using the Customer’s Application to Identify
Corresponding Standard Functions
• Recognizing Key Plant-Specific
Network Characteristics


Upcoming Training Dates